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Conference June 12-14, 2024

The Graduate Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Holistic Defense and Leadership Conference brings together several of our Defender communities to provide plenaries and workshops dedicated to improving knowledge and building skills around holistic, client-centered advocacy. This year's conference offers four track options, described below. Choose a track that suits you best, knowing that you can stick to a track or float between sessions depending on your needs and interests.   


Registration is now open for the 2024 Holistic Defense and Leadership Conference and ACCD!

Early (3/27 - 4/14) Member and Non-Member Registration: $250/$350

Regular (4/15 - 5/14) Member and Non-Member Registration: $300/$400

Regular (4/15 - 5/14) Member and Non-Member Group (4+) Registration: $220/$320

Late (5/15 - 5/29) Member and Non-Member Group (4+) Registration: $270/$370

Late (5/15 - 5/29) Member and Non-Member Registration: $350/$450

If you register for the 2024 American Council of Chief Defenders (ACCD) Pre-Conference, or if a registration for ACCD is in your cart, you will receive a $50 discount on your Holistic registration! Similarly, if you register for or have a registration for the Holistic Defense and Leadership Conference in your cart, you will receive a discount of $50!

Groups of 4 or more can register at an $80 discount! Groups of 4 or more who also register for ACCD or have ACCD in their cart will receive both the $80 discount and $50 discount!


The National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Mitigation Specialists (NASAMS) will hold its Fundamentals of Mitigation Certificate Program in conjunction with the 2024 Holistic Defense Conference. Participants who choose this track can receive a Fundamentals of Mitigation Certificate by attending all the NASAMS sessions. This program will provide participants with training from nationally recognized experts in the field. The majority of these sessions will also be open to other conference participants, with the exception of the small group discussions.

BPDA Track

The Black Public Defender Association (BPDA) will host incredible workshops as well as a space for Black public defenders, who identify with and are committed to the populations they serve, to gather and use the opportunity to train, dialogue and network with each other. Choose this track if you intend on attending primarily BPDA sessions, and also if you plan to attend any BPDA Member Only closed sessions. Most of the BPDA sessions will be open to participants from other tracks, with the exception of the closed sessions. 

Holistic Track

This year we are offering a Holistic Track which will offer a variety of sessions exploring community-based holistic defense programs, practices and national advocacy. Can't decide on a specific track? Go with the Holistic track and choose your own adventure! This track is for those who would like to sample open sessions from all the tracks as well as sessions brought to you by our Community Oriented Defense network.

DEIB-Centered Leadership Track

New this year is the DEIB-Centered Leadership Track, offering current or aspiring leaders in your organization the opportunity to share knowledge and build skills around the implementation of DEIB practices. There will also be time to attend other sessions throughout the conference (from BPDA, NASAMS, and the Community Oriented Defense Network)